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Now more than ever, we're tied to our portable devices. We can access our favorite songs, emails, countless apps, video content and everything the web has to offer whenever we want. No wonder our batteries drain so quickly. myCharge offers charging solutions that extend the life of your device while you're still using it. With slim, lightweight battery pack and case designs, myCharge fits comfortably into your lifestyle while giving your devices more life when you need them the most.

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The days of pulling a portable device with a low battery out of your bag are long gone. Powerbag bags are equipped with a complete charging system inside including a battery, charging cords with the most popular connectors and a USB port. Keep your spare cords at home and charge virtually anything - smartphones, MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, GPS, eReaders and tablets -- as they sit right in the bag. See for yourself why Powerbag is the hottest bag of any season.

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